by Operator Music Band

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released December 1, 2017

Dara Hirsch: Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitar, Percussion
Jared Hiller: Vocals, Synthesizers, Guitar, Percussion, Modular
Gabe Pittleman: Bass
Julian Fader: Drums

All songs by Dara Hirsch and Jared Hiller
Produced by Henry Terepka and Dara Hirsch
Recorded by Lorenzo Wolff at Restoration Sound in Brooklyn, NY
Mixed & Mastered by Jonathan Schenke at Dr. Wu’s in Brooklyn, NY
Cover Art by Gonzalo Guerrero
Label is New Professor Music which is Greg Katz

Synthesizers on the album:
L0-Rez prototypes: delay, phaser, VCO
Make Noise Co.: MATHS, Erbe-Verb
Topobrillo Multifilter
Moog Opus 3
Moog Realistic Concertmate MG-1
Moog Realistic Concertmate-500 Casio sk-1
Korg Delta
Roland Juno 6
Korg Minilogue
Korg Monotron Duo
Prophet 6

NPM 1704
Ⓟ 2017 Operator Music Band. Under exclusive license to New Professor Music, Los Angeles, CA


all rights reserved



New Professor Music Los Angeles, California

New Professor Music Is the World's Greatest Record Company

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Track Name: Realistic Saturation
Divisions are binary
Two poles for ordinary thought
Our figures lacerating
Outspoken, frivolous and raw
Realistic saturation
A master of my surveillance

Omniscience patent pending
For those who revel in the cause
I’ll write down my intentions
Amidst the laughter and applause
Can you go backwards from zed?
I’m having trouble making sound
Put two ideas together
I fear i’m never breaking ground

Time spent choosing
Track Name: Sunk
Can't do without,
People always gotta say
Never in the right way
Always in the right way

Can't do without
People always gotta say
Even in the right way
Even, even in the right, right way
Track Name: Communicator 4
See how we diverge
Misquote my feigned point of sight
Filtered and damaged
Disturbing reactions of
A little bit of progress
A stranger asks of nothing more
From those who live above
The street as they
Fade from the gaps in your conscious
An invitation meant to last beyond the hope of
pleasantries and growth
So nice to meet you (x2)

Fall-through stations
The listeners hope is to reconsider
Offering their proposals
For a second time
And all together we stumble past what has been our
point of reference
And it's changed since

Super cyclic
Finite vigor
Stable Action
Stubborn Nation
Transit discussions
Withhold progress
Orders selfish
Migrate before my indefinite time finds itself
Cutting back on the wrong things
Track Name: Alarmed
I don’t want an ego
Just enough to be seen
If nothing else we be energy
Hard to say
I am not alarmed now

Point the only remote
At the color TV
Through the lines we see our photo
Enough to say,
I am not alarmed now

I am not alarmed now
Track Name: Moto Komplete
I am strong
Off the wall
I am strong
Off the wall, off the wall

Pick me up so i don’t
Fall again
Fall again

I am strong
Off the wall
Off the wall

And when i falter
It’s not your fault
It’ll be my fault

Its one for all
One for all
One for all

When i fall
I’ll feel it all
I’ll feel it all
Feel it

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